Benji is a French self-taught artist, inspired by the world of comics, fashion and design. As by Banksy diversions, Benjamin Faujanet, known as Benji, is above all a designer who constantly experiments with new media and techniques according to his inspiration. Pencil, charcoal, watercolor, felt, tag spray, acrylic, resin, clay… he sublimates each material corresponding to a specific need which allows him to go further in his creations.

From his training in industrial design, he has kept the requirement and rigor. From his apprenticeship in pastry making, he has retained the taste for gourmet and colorful creations. And from his childhood, the wonder at the cartoons of Mickey, Donald and the Simpsons, later his passion for Keith Haring and Dali.Quite naturally, today, it is to these new heroes that the international luxury brands are that he is turning so effectively.

Benjamin Faujanet was born in 1985; he lives and works in Marseille.