Cartela is a contemporary mixed media artist best known and respected for creating statement-making pieces with her bare hands and utilizing U.S. and foreign currency in her designs. Intertwining both passion and professionalism, this self-taught artist already left lasting impressions and is now expanding her talent to animation by creating a space animated series called Muneli in Space.

Born and raised in South Florida by a long line of artist family members. Cartela has always been a person who had a strong creative eye and took a keen interest in outer space relations. In fact, her underlying admiration is to work with NASA someday and utilize her animations as a gateway to influence universe exploration and help surface new artificial intelligence development. Furthermore, she had commitment, resilience, and a strong work ethic instilled in her at a young age. These core values are what helped position her to embrace failures and grow from them, which is a vital trait to have as a successful artist. Throughout her career, Cartela has built an impressive resume for herself in record time. She earned a Marketing and International Business degree from Florida International University, and her artist name took off when she first released her work in April of 2018. Since then, Cartela has developed countless unique pieces directly on canvas, wood, and acrylic statues. Before she knew it, Cartela began developing artwork for high profile clients like Lil Wayne, Mack Mane, Dwyane Wade, UD, Jim Jones, Rob Kardashian, and Lil Mosey.

Fast forward to today, Cartela is now taking her talent to new levels and tapping into animation with Muneli, an alien character she embodies, to foster positive change, unearth new perspectives, and leave transformational impacts to make the world a much better, happier place. Since investing in her first studio in 2020, Cartela has developed a strong team to take her blueprint animation ideas and bring them to life and looks forward to seeing just how influential her efforts will be on a global and universal scale.