Oz El Hai, born in Israel in 1976, channels his passion and energy into vivid abstract art and representational romantic paintings of women. Using a palette knife exclusively, Oz employs bold colors to create rich and energetic paintings that enchant viewers with an intense, yet tender, presence. His artistic style draws viewers in, captures their attention, and caresses their imaginations. Oz has a unique style, and his talent is widely recognized. Today, you will find Oz El Hai’s art in exhibitions and galleries throughout the world, and it is sought after for both public and private art collections throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States.

When asked about his style of painting, Oz El Hai says, “Simplicity is everything. I try to create excitement and energy through color and movement. I want to trigger the viewer’s emotions and memories. I want my paintings to evoke genuine feelings!” In his eyes, his works of art are boundless and forever evolving.