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ILMIN Parfums IL SEXUEL Extrait De Parfum Spray 1oz / 30ml

ILMIN Parfums IL SEXUEL Extrait De Parfum Spray 1oz / 30ml

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At the heart of Il Sexual hides a precious treasure, a jewel of high perfumery. Intertwining succulent notes of lavender and saffron with nutmeg and patchouli, Il Sexual opens the olfactory experience with sensations inspired by a floral valley that combines in unison with agar; a recognized and rare ingredient of high perfumery for its warm attributes and sophisticated vertices. Il Sexual is liquid gold, a fragrance that never goes unnoticed.

Luxury fragrances that transform the expected into the extraordinary. Unlike commercial perfumery that works with synthetic ingredients, common and mass-produced fragrances; ILMIN Niche perfumery is the most exclusive form of perfumery since it allows to potentiate creativity in creation with the freedom to explore an infinity of 100% natural, rare and unusual ingredients, giving it limited edition exclusivity.

Exclusive perfumes created to fuse with your skin. The complexity of the processes to extract the best fragrances from unusual ingredients makes these perfumes a special product concentrated in their essence, a key factor for its unique and multifaceted aroma to last longer.

Each fragrance melts into the skin to become the wearer's olfactory signature. A display of unique aromas with a personality that stimulates the senses and elicits a great olfactory experience. This is only possible with the specialized elaboration of fragrances from nature's pure extracts.

Extrait De Parfum - 1oz / 30ml
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